Doom: Genocide
Doom can really be harder than its sequel! With this level pack, experience brutally hard yet a realistically fair challenge to finally see your the way out through Hexen-style level design tricks and traps with rockets blasting.

Ultimate Quake Engine

UQE Doom 3
Some of the problems with the original release of Doom 3 was the lack of support for widescreen resolutions. After some thought a decent mix of letterbox and widescreen resolutions with automatic field of view adjustment have been added to the engine.
UQE Hexen II
The project were developed over the course of a few years in an attempt to fix some of the glaring issues within the original engine as well as adding essential contemporary features while keeping true to the original as much as possible.
UQE Quake
The development of this project was a long time overdue. All of the fixes and feature additions that were done for UQE Hexen II was back ported to UQE Quake, which is one of only a few projects that stays true to the original game.
UQE Quake II
The goal was to build a modification that stays as much as possible true to the original. This is Quake 2 in it purest form with all the much needed fixes implemented without adding anything that will take away from its originality to ensure its look and feel stays preserved.