UQE Doom 3

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
The past two days I've spent some quality time with the idTech4 (Doom 3) engine. The sheer amount of source code and major differences between the older idTech engines and idTech4 is quite overwhelming. After carefully looking at how the engine is structured I thought its about high-time to fix two issues that has been bugging me about Doom 3 for a long time.

The number one issue is the lack of widescreen support within the engine's list of available resolutions as well as on the main menu. The only way to get something widescreen going is to mess around with the custom width and height console variables. The field of view (FOV) needs some manual adjustments for the screen rendering to look correct. After some thought a decent mix of letterbox and widescreen resolutions have been added to the engine as well as both the menu scripts of the base Doom 3 game as well as the "Resurrection of Evil" expansion pack.

The ability to switch between showing and hiding the crosshair has been added to both the base Doom 3 game as well as the expansion pack. Originally the only way to get rid of the crosshair were to hide the complete hud. For me personally seeing the crosshair all the time breaks the mood of the game as its too big and in your face. Its now as simple as switching the "ui_showCrosshair" console variable to show or hide the crosshair. The engine will render the crosshair by default to stay true to the original game functionality.